From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hello, another bit of useless information, inspired by Thomas' question:

> There is an ITALIAN 45-EP of Josh WHite in the FABBRI Il Jazz series which
> states the recordings are from ASCH.
> 3 of the 4 titles correspond to known Asch recordings, the fourth I have not
> found.
> Can anyone CONFIRM these are from the Asch source, and identify the 4th
> title.
> Thanks!
> Best wishes, Thomas.
> FABBRI Il Jazz (unknown catalog number)  JOSH WHITE
> A1  N. 12 Train                          Asch 358-2B (174)
> A2  Mean Mistreatin’ Woman               Disc 3004 B (220)
> B1  Dupree                               Disc 3004 A (223)
> B2  The old rugged cross (Bemmars)       ???

----- it is unlikely that these records will be found as records in their own 
right, but only as additional material to a book by Fratelli Fabbri Editori. 
I don't have any jazz book, but most likely one in a series on classical 
music. It would date from ca. 1962, give or take a few years.

Kind regards,