This looks great- really great- as far as you've gone.  

The basic weakness is the lack of complete matrix numbers, including takes.  I realize this requires more space and will affect a publisher's attitude toward the book's size if they are included in an uncompressed way but I feel it is essential to include them.  This is particularly true for the European-dervied issues.  The only take numbers publised in the dead wax for many was in their U.S. iterations, particularly the earlier ones.  It also helps serious users with test pressings to figure out if they have a "me, too" or an alternate take.

There is a strong interest, particularly among younger collectors, in cover art.  I'd include cover artists when known or researchable - Steinweiss, Flora, etc.  It's worth noting that some albums were issued with generic covers and were reissued with illustrated ones.  

I have many of the early Columbia sets and catalog data and will be glad to contribute to your project so long as I don't have to meet any deadlines.

Will you be attending the ARSC conference in New Orleans next month?

Steve Smolian

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  Subject: [88sOn78s] Pianists featured in the Columbia Masterworks 78rpm Discography

  I am just about finished the mammoth task of writing the Columbia
  Masterworks 78rpm Discography (Draft)

  - includes numerous pianists (Casadesus, Friedman, Levant, etc...)

  *View the blog here:*
  Also lists the sets I am missing info on. Any help, most appreciated.
  *And yes, there are errors, mistakes and missing info - please direct
  corrections, additions etc to me via list or email.*

  *View the full draft document here:*

  Many thanks

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