My apologies for repeating comments made on more than one occasion in response to the use of household cleaning products to clean disc phonograph recordings.

Cleaning solutions contain such as described below are incapable of thoroughly removing mold-release agents found on the groove surface at the time of pressing.  Nor are such solutions adequate when mold or mildew are present.  Additionally household dishwashing liquids leave trace residues of the dyes, perfumes & other components in their blends which can support mold & mildew growth.  

An economical alternative to commercially distilled or RO [reverse osmosis] filtered water where larger volumes are needed for household use in addition to record cleaning are readily available in-house [sized for under sink placement] RO filter systems.  The costs associated with initial purchase & annual filter replacement are less than the purchase of small distillation equipment & the energy cost associated with producing such water.


Duane Goldman
On Apr 1, 2010, at 8:11 PM, Ken Fritz wrote:
>  Hi Rod,
>  FWIW from an audiophile;  a VPI  $500 dollar recording cleaning machine with with an inexpensive cleaning solution does 99%  of the job.  The solution; One gallon  of AQUAFINA, the best you can get unless you distill your own,  which I do. Replace 4 ounces of the water with Isopropyl alcohol at about 3  bucks for a quart at the drug store, 82% or so is what you'll get. Add four drops of DAWN dishwashing detergent and shake.
>  If you're fussy, buy a WATER WISE distiller at about $400 bucks. My wife has taken control of my distiller and uses it for all the drinking and cooking water. After I bought the WATER WISE  she claimed the taste of the water was improved enough that she forced me to install a Kinnetico  water softener. That cost me about as much as another  thousand or two records at Plan Nine  records.
>  I won't complain, even though  water is water to me, as she is a super cook!
>  Try the formula and take your wife out to dinner with the savings.
>  Ken
> On Apr 1, 2010, at 6:17 PM, Roderic G Stephens wrote:
>> As I've probably said before, but just in case I didn't, I bought that "expensive" stuff more than five years ago have definitely found it to clean and quiet my recordings.  My spray bottle is still 3/4 full after all this time, so prorated, it's been cheap for me.  My major expense has been the distilled water that I have to keep replacing.
>> Rod Stephens

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