They were a pressing for his charity.I like Cliff,but he is a real A-hole about cpoyrights.


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David Weiner wrote:
> Three nice recent actual 78s are the EMI 100th anniversary acoustic disc by Roberto Alaagna from 1997; the 2000 HMV store issue of Edward Elgar's first 1931 recording made at Abbey Road backed by Robbie Williams "Millenium;" and the Cliff Richard HMV reproduction of his first recordings.  The EMI uses the angel/gramophone label and the HMV has the color Nipper label that was in use in the 30s.
> Dave
I got the Roberto box at the ARSC silent auction last year.  I believe the video was on Youtube.  I didn't know about the other two.  Were they master poressings?  I suppose Clififie-poo was trying to keep his record from going into the public domain!

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