Hi Darren,

Are you looking for boxes for individual reels or multi-reel boxes?  Both
are available from Hollinger Metal Edge, which is where we buy ours:

Not necessarily inexpensive (depending on your budget), but reliable.

Singles are under "Economy/Reel Enclosure/Boxes"; for multiples we've had
good luck using the "Phonograph Record Storage Boxes" of the appropriate
size, for small batches of tapes.  HME also will build custom boxes to your
dimensions, although they require a minimum order for that.  These are what
we use for our larger collections of 7" reels -- a custom box measuring 7
1/2"W x 7 1/2"H x 17"D, which will comfortably hold ca. 25 reels in standard
reel boxes.

I should point out that we put our master reels in boxes like this because
they are stored in an off-site archival/library storage facility, which
requires the items be in archival boxes for transport, processing and
storage.  We have found the HME boxes to hold up pretty well in this
process, though the styles with short "shoe-box" type tops have problems
with the metal edges falling off the lids, so it's better to stick with the
taller lids (you can get them full-length, i.e. just as tall as the box
bottom, in custom orders, which is what we do).  We've never had a problem
with the lids on the phonograph boxes.

- Aaron

Aaron M. Bittel
UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive

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> Hi.
> Anyone have recommendations for a source of inexpensive archive boxes
> for some reel tapes? We are shipping some stuff ex-USA shortly so we
> can go there if necessary rather than in Europe if the price is
> better ? web site and eordering preferred due to distance.
> Thanks, Darren
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