Dear John;

I am not sure where you live but I live in the Brunswick, Maine area. There is a fellow here that has a shop called Vinlehaven, ( I am not sure of the spelling). He sells and buys records as well as vintage electronic equipment I believe. He may be able or willing to help you. I am happy to make a call to see if he may have a reel to reel recorder for sale.

Let me know if you would like me to look into this. 

Take care,

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> John,
>      I have 6 or 7 reel to reel recorders that I stored away for future 
> use when reel to reel recorders were to no longer be available.  I have 
> not looked at them but they all were serviceable when I stored them away. 
> If anyone is interested I will pull them out and provide make and model 
> for all of them.  All of them are consumer machines, not professional. 
> Jack
Here in Ontario, check out either Value Village or Cash Converters. The 
usually has a number of r2r machines, priced at $50 to $100.

Steven C. Barr