Louis Davids, indeed, was a famous Dutch vocalist and vaudeville artist, but
not really a jazz artist. To be honest - I don't have any CD or LP dedicated
with his music. Sorry 'bout that. I know he recorded some tunes with Bert
Ambrose Orchestra in 1931 for HMV. I wrote about him, as he made a nice
picture disc entitled Wat Een Meisje Weten Moet  - a washing powder
commercial for Persil at my Keep Swinging blog. You can find it at its link
site:  >>>> go to < Louis Davids > 


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Dear Friends

Whilst working at Radio Seychelles 3 years ago,I e mailed 5 Dutch collectors
if they knew who could supply me with Louis Davids recordings-have you ever
featured him and I hear he recorded at Abbey Road in 1934.
I got no answer which was strange to say the least as collectors are
normally generous with their help and informational-networkin,myself
included.All my vintage jazz mp3 discs streamed at the station 11 hours each
disc are free to friends and those interested alike.
I have 1 Louis Davids 10 inch l.p. from c.1956 and think his recordings
Denham Ford,ex-Chairman of the Beecham Society,British Branch once said that
what we lack today is variety entertainment of a high quality and how right
he was.Louis Davids fitted the bill quite appropriately regarding this
shrewed observation.He must have been marvellous in cabaret and is one of
the most -neglected great popular recording artists in the whole history of
sound and Dutch through and through.

Best Wishes

Nigel Barrett

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> A random check on the Dutch radio programs of the 6th of February, 1934,
> learns that, beside fragments of light classical music, played by the
> Omroeporkest directed by A. Van Raalte and popular music by John Van Prück
> (sic) ( = Brück), the Italian guitar player Gino Bordin "en zijn Hawaiian
> orkest" is a sought after popular item on the A.V.R.O. networks. Recently
> two reissues have been published with music of this now complete forgotten
> guitar player Gino Bordin:
> Hans