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From: Judith A Kuhagen <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Library of Congress documentation for the RDA Test
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[Please excuse duplicate postings.]

=3D =3D =3D

The Library of Congress is sharing its files of policy decisions, training =
materials, etc., developed for its participation in the US RDA Test.  =
Other libraries, whether participating in the RDA Test or not, are welcome =
to use and modify these files for their local situations.

Note that these files represent decisions just for the RDA Test.  If the =
Library of Congress decides to implement RDA, some of the decisions may be =
changed as the result of feedback from the Test.

The files are posted at

Questions about the content of RDA and LC's documents for the US RDA Test =
should be sent to [log in to unmask]

=3D =3D =3D =3D

Judith A. Kuhagen
Senior Descriptive Cataloging Policy Specialist
Policy and Standards Division
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.  20540-4262
202-707-6629 (fax)