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BIBCO Colleagues:

This message describes issues that the PCC Standing Committee on
Standards (SCS) encountered while reviewing the BIBCO Standard Record
(BSR) drafts for new formats.  They are recommending updates to the
BIBCO Standard Record for Printed Books, and they would like input on
three other issues.  Guidelines for comments appear at the end of the
document.  The deadline for comments is Saturday, May 8, 2010.

I.  Recommended updates to the BIBCO Standard Record for Printed Books 
II. Three specific issues on BIBCO Standard Records
III. Guidelines for sending comments

I.   Changes to the initial BSR (thus affecting BSRs across the board).
 These areas include: 

a. 008/39:  Expand instruction to: Cataloging source “c” (or
“blank” if cataloged by a national library)
b. 007 field: Add this field to cover microforms. Includes  00 and 01
as Mandatory if Applicable
c. 020 field: Change instruction to:  International Standard Book
Number ISBN $a
This states the required subfield “$a” rather than the not-required
subfield $c. 
d. 245 field:  Expand instruction to add: In cases of multiple parallel
titles, MINIMALLY include the first parallel title and any English
parallel title.
e. 246 field: Change instructions on indicators to replace “246 13”
with “246 1#” (See II.1. below)
f.260 field: Use is changed to Mandatory if Applicable for $a and $b;
$c remains as Mandatory.  (This allows for manuscripts as they may only
have $c)

II.  Issues arising from review of the non-book BSRs by the the PCC
Standing Committee on Standards (SCS) needing input from interested

1.    SCS Issue 246.  Varying titles (246 field).  Both the BSR and the
CSR currently use 246 13 for all other variant titles (besides parallel
titles).   MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data defines the 246 second
indicators 1 and 3:

"246 1# No type specified.  # - No type specified No information is
provided in the indicator as to the type of title. Information may be
provided in subfield $i (Display text) when a special display is needed,
or the value is used for titles not handled by the other values.

"246 13 Other title. Another title that appears on the piece that is
not more appropriately indicated by one of the other values. Other
title: may be generated with the note for display. Used when subfield $i
is not being used to give specific text. Other titles include masthead
title, half-titles, binder's titles, colophon titles, parallel titles
not recorded in field 245, cover titles found in an inverted format at
the back of the publication, spelled out titles, etc. The display

According to MARC experts using the 246 13 is stretching the
definition; it would be more accurate to use 246 1# and it implies the
choice to not code another assigned value.  This would allow catalogers
to code all "other titles" as 246 1#, and include the $i only if needed
for clarification.  Many of us thought that one would always have to
include a $i if you used a 246 1#, but this is not true.  We are
recommend that we change the BSRs to include a 246 1#.  Since this could
potentially involve the CSR as well, this topic will be discussed at
BIBCO/CONSER Operations meeting May 6-7, 2010.

2.    SCS Issue: Genre headings.  This is a moving target as was 
addressed in your Implementation Issues.  For now some TGs have omitted
them from their formats.  This will change over time as authority
records for genre headings start to grow. SCS will follow the
development of the various genre heading projects with interest and 
eventually add the 655 to the MAP for all formats.

3.    SCS Issue 6XX.  Display of the subject heading fields.  6XX or
spelling out of individual tags such as 600-630, 650 and 651, and 655. 
This affects the number of tags that are covered in the BSRs.  If the
general “XX” follows the initial tag number, this opens the door to
inclusion of many more notes and subject terms.  If the tag numbers are
delineated, then the “floor” of the formats is limited to those
fields. The same issue applies to 7XX and 5XX (to a degree).

III. Guidelines for comments on SCS Issues:

1. Please send comments to the listservs if you wish to discuss them.

2. Please send other comments and questions to: [log in to unmask]  

3. Please use the subject lines that fit your concerns. Suggestions:
SCS Issues, General
SCS Issues, 246
SCS Issues, 6XX

4. Please send all comments by Saturday, May 8, 2010.

Thank you for assisting the work of the SCS and its BSR Task Groups. 

Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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