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Library of Congress Policy Statements (LCPSs) are being developed by the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) to offer LC test participants guidance on LC policy in the use of the new cataloging code, Resource Description and Access (RDA).  The LCPSs are also being made available for the information of other testers and interested parties.   Official launch of this new publication will coincide with the release of RDA by the American Library Association (ALA) scheduled for June 2010.  The intention is to place links within the online RDA Toolkit from the RDA instruction to the specific LCPS that applies and from one LCPS to another as appropriate.  Following the official launch, a period of instruction and testing will begin.

LCPSs also will be widely available beyond the RDA Toolkit.  LCPSs will be fully integrated into Cataloger's Desktop.  Free PDF versions will be available in May via links on the PSD website to the Cataloging Distribution Service's (CDS) free PDF download site.  If there is sufficient demand, CDS will review appropriate print options.  

Just as the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations (LCRI) offered library catalogers advice for AACR2, LCPSs will provide information for RDA instructions to explain LC practice for the US RDA Test.  LCPSs will be more focused, covering fewer topics and leaving more to cataloger's judgment than the LCRIs.

LCRIs will remain available for institutions that continue to catalog following the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition (AACR2).  LCRIs will continue to be updated through December 2010 and the free PDF versions will remain on the CDS free download site as needed by CDS customers.  CDS will continue to sell printed LCRIs until the supply is exhausted.

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