BIBCO stats contributors:  The pending files look good!  Thanks for responding to the April 8 deadline.

A few questions surfaced, but none call for worry or embarrassment:

1.  Is there a problem if I forget to fill in the box "Month + year included in this report?" 
No, this isn't a problem.  The software doesn't read this box. It just takes data reported during this time period and assigns it to the column that it's filling each month.

2.  Is it a problem if I report Printed books in a Full/Core split, even though we've moved to a BIBCO Standard Record (BSR)?  
No, it's not a big problem.  Our traditional forms include Full and Core, but our PCC Stats displays add them together. 

3.  Will the BIBCO form have a BSR category added?
Perhaps in the future, but probably not in this transitional year. 

Please remember that you can find some answers about BIBCO stats on this document:

Thanks.  Carolyn


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