In terms of EAD itself, you can certainly have a <container> on any
component, regardless of the @level value.  It's really a matter of local
practice.  My opinion is that if you have a subseries and want to associate
a box value with it, go for it.  DACS is silent on this as well, I believe.

This may make the XSLT more or less complicated depending on how you display
your <dsc>, but I've never heard a good argument against it.  Here at Yale
we rarely associate containers with series or subseries, but our stylesheets
support it if we were so inclined.  Revise away!


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On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 2:14 PM, John Bewley <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> A question vaguely related to the ongoing discussion about <cxx> and
> levels.
> Is it "correct" hierarchical thinking to state a <container> within a <c0X>
> with level attribute set to subseries? I can see that the tag library does
> not prohibit it and have found examples of it happening in Library of
> Congress EAD guideline examples. But, the XSL stylesheet we are using (I
> believe it was adapted from one of the EAD Cookbook stylesheets) is designed
> so that <c02 level="subseries"> (for example) will not have <container>
> stated within it.
> Here's an example of <container> stated within <c02 level="subseries"> from
> the LC EAD guidelines:
> <c02 level="subseries">
>   <did>
>      <container type="box">I:267</container>
>      <unittitle encodinganalog="245$a">Case Files, <unitdate
> encodinganalog="245$f" type="inclusive"
> normal="1971/1975">1971-1975</unitdate></unittitle>
>   </did>
> Just seeking some thoughts before I do any major revisions to our container
> list stylesheet.
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