A question vaguely related to the ongoing discussion about <cxx> and 

Is it "correct" hierarchical thinking to state a <container> within a <c0X> 
with level attribute set to subseries? I can see that the tag library does 
not prohibit it and have found examples of it happening in Library of 
Congress EAD guideline examples. But, the XSL stylesheet we are using (I 
believe it was adapted from one of the EAD Cookbook stylesheets) is 
designed so that <c02 level="subseries"> (for example) will not have 
<container> stated within it.

Here's an example of <container> stated within <c02 level="subseries"> from 
the LC EAD guidelines:

<c02 level="subseries">
       <container type="box">I:267</container>
       <unittitle encodinganalog="245$a">Case Files, <unitdate 
encodinganalog="245$f" type="inclusive" 

Just seeking some thoughts before I do any major revisions to our container 
list stylesheet.

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