No there probably isn't an easy way.  But here are a couple of possibilities.  Did your institution add level attributes, so that c1 might have level='series'  and so on.  If so, what is the value of the level attribute for the false level?  IF it has a distinct value or is the only level that doesn't have a value, then you could right an xsl transformation which copies everything except for that level and converts all your values to just 'c'.  Or, you might be able to bring it into AT and then delete the false levels.  I haven't tried that before but it seems like it should be possible.  And finally, you could create a Perl script which looks for and edits the offending lines.

Best of luck. 


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As far as I know, there isn't an easy way to do this.  But it never hurts to ask, right?

Past encoding practices at my institution inserted a false c0 layer in EAD finding aids.  For example, 

My understanding correct EAD encoding:
  • c1 - Series
  • c2 - Subseries
  • c3 - File
  • c1 - Series
  • c2 - File

Past practices at my institution:
  • c1 - Series
  • c2 - Subseries
  • c3 - False layer to enclose files
  • c4 - File
  • c1 - Series
  • c2 - False layer
  • c3 - File

Other than hand-coding, is there a way to promote the c4s to c3s and eliminate the false level?  I haven't used Archivist Toolkit or many other collection management software packages that might have this functionality.


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