Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  Due to my (and institution's) lack of PERL and XSLT coding skills, I'll explore the find/replace options.  I tried do just that in Oxygen, but it was giving me sass and not finding anything.  Probably because what I was seeking was inside an element.  We use Dreamweaver for our website, so I'll start there.

Thanks again!


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If you have access to an HTML tool such as Dreamweaver, you can apply search and replace commands to multiple documents at once (whole folders).

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A good perl scripter could write you something that would do it, or you could write an XSL style sheet that removes the "fake" containers and adjusts the coding for their children.

Easiest of all, just do a search/replace in Notepad or some other text editor => replace all fake <c03...>'s with nothing, replace the now-orphaned </c03>s with nothing, then replace all c04's with c03's).

Of course if you have thousands of files that won't be much fun...


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As far as I know, there isn't an easy way to do this.  But it never hurts to ask, right?

Past encoding practices at my institution inserted a false c0 layer in EAD finding aids.  For example,

My understanding correct EAD encoding:

 *   c1 - Series
 *   c2 - Subseries
 *   c3 - File

 *   c1 - Series
 *   c2 - File

Past practices at my institution:

 *   c1 - Series
 *   c2 - Subseries
 *   c3 - False layer to enclose files
 *   c4 - File

 *   c1 - Series
 *   c2 - False layer
 *   c3 - File

Other than hand-coding, is there a way to promote the c4s to c3s and eliminate the false level?  I haven't used Archivist Toolkit or many other collection management software packages that might have this functionality.


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