Did you know you can go in anytime and change your subscription settings to 
the EAD List, and subscribe or unsubscribe to the list?  

For example, some people prefer to receive each posting individually as 
they are sent.  Others prefer receiving all the messages compiled in a 
daily digest.  Some prefer to receive copies of messages that they post to 
the List; others don't.  Sometimes people change their email address or 
want to unsubscribe altogether.  You can do this and more by checking the 
following link: 

This link is also located on the EAD home page on the lower right hand 
side, first link under the heading, "ead listserv":

If anyone has questions about their subscription settings (and can't find 
what you want in the "help" link on the left of the above page), please 
don't hesitate to send me an email.

All the best,