This is great, Mark! congratulations. I'm also interested in the interactive section.  I noticed on one image - - someone commented that the planes were B-17s instead of B-29s. Do you have a policy in place where a staff member can verify or dispute a comment, and then the staff could change or correct the record as needed?

Thanks for sharing the news.



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Nice looking site!  I’m interested in the notes section.  Do you have a mechanism either automated or not to moderate and check what people put in those shared notes?






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East Carolina University is pleased to announce that our EAD-driven website for Special Collections and University Archives has been completely redesigned:


This redesign provides enhanced integration with our digital collections repository, additional browsing options, and advanced search options that facilitate the construction of complex queries.  Just how complex, you might reasonably wonder?  Well, here’s an example,, which performs a search for the word “outdoor” within 3 words of “theat??” anywhere in the document, as long as that document has a Library of Congress Subject Heading applied to it that contains the word “arts” (and, to think, if we didn’t apply that last condition, our retrieval set would triple in size!). 


Any suggestions and comments are welcome.  Feedback can also be provided via the Kampyle feedback form, which is accessible from any page of the website by clicking on the orange image in the lower right-hand corner.



Mark Custer

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