Hello All,

    I'm working with eadcbs5.xsl and dsc1.xsl from the EAd Cookbook. I 
have edited both of the stylesheets so that they appear to work together 
with no errors(Oxygen claims they are both valid and well-formed). 
However, when I run the transformation scenario, something is not working 
properly. The transformation fails and I get this error: 

SystemID: \\Nfb-fs1\Home\akresmer\EAD Finding Aids\C2005.1-
Engine name: Saxon6.5.5
Severity: error
Description: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.
Start location: 3:1
Length: 49

Oxygen will not point to the spot with the problem and at this point, I'm 
not ever sure which document the problem is on. Does anyone have any 

Anna Kresmer