Sometimes the only examples of indigenous language are the recordings of indigenous music in the early days of contact, is there a unified strategy to catalogue such material? 

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Hi, Ms. Backman,

Absolutely, yes, we're defining sound recordings broadly. The kind of recordings you mention are of particular interest to us (they can be the trickiest to catalog).

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How are you defining sound recordings. Do they include any audio tapes or just professionally recorded events? As a government archives our audio tapes relate to meetings, press conferences, presentations, speeches and the like. Are you looking for feed back on how we handle cataloging these items? Please let me know.


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Apologies for cross-postings.

The DACS for Archival Sound Recordings Subcommittee of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) is exploring current standards and guidelines used in the description of archival sound recordings with the ultimate goal of generating a new set of guidelines that will specifically address the challenges and issues faced by archivists and librarians responsible for cataloging or otherwise describing these materials.

The subcommittee is conducting a survey of the problems and uncertainties currently encountered while applying existing standards and guidelines. Your participation in the survey will help the subcommittee determine the best way of shaping the new guidelines in a manner that fully addresses user needs without duplicating previous efforts by other organizations. Two surveys are available: one for providers of descriptive information about archival sound recordings (such as archivists and librarians) and the other for researchers who study, collect, and otherwise use sound recordings. Please complete one of the surveys (or both, if your activities cover both areas). Your knowledge, experience, and opinions are important. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on how much detail you wish to provide in your answers.

Please complete the survey by May 12, 2010. Although surveys will be accepted after this date, the committee will be discussing the preliminary results during the annual ARSC meeting (May 19-22). Questions and comments about the surveys may be emailed to: [log in to unmask].

To take a survey, click on one (or both) of the links below:

For archivists, librarians, etc.:

For researchers:

Thank you very much.

DACS for Archival Sound Recordings Subcommittee (ARSC Cataloging Committee)

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