The record as revised by John is not the correct AACR2 heading for this 
person.  The author was already established with a date.  Dates take 
precedence over the addition of titles to break a conflict.  "Jr." is only 
added if neither date nor fuller form of name is available.  (Note also 
that the LC cataloger neglected to include the period at the end of Jr., 
which should have been in the heading to begin with).

Since the author was already established in a valid AACR2 form with a 
date, that heading should have been left alone, and a reference from the 
form of name with middle initial AND DATE (not Jr.) could have been added 
to it if deemed helpful to users.  I suppose the form with the Jr. could 
have also been given as a 4XX, but I doubt that most of us would do that.

Based on predominance of a later form, it would have been acceptable to 
change the authorized heading to Benjamin, James J., $d 1965-  but the 
form in n 2008056697 is not the valid AACR2 form given the information we 
have available.  I think the earlier authority should have been retained 
and the one created in 2008 deleted - the cataloger at LC who created this 
record should have found the already existing one in the authority file 
and used that.

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On Tue, 20 Apr 2010, john g marr wrote:

> Hi:
> I have revised n2008056697 (critiques welcome) and asked LC to delete 
> n86002004.
> jgm
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