Hi Adam:

  Thank you for the input.  That was the exact purpose of my changing the 
authority record (well, we do have the person in question in our local 
database too), that and demonstrating the flexibility of the authority 
file with an example.  See also following.

On Tue, 20 Apr 2010, Adam L. Schiff wrote:

> The record as revised by John is not the correct AACR2 heading for this 
> person.

  The person was assigned 2 different headings, each considered "correct" 
at the time they were established.  The correct procedure would thus be to 
chose which technically "correct" heading to retain and which to discard. 
In this case (and on this specific point), the heading with the middle 
initial reflects a current preference by the author and is a "fuller" form 
of name (contain three elements rather than 2).

>  The author was already established with a date.  Dates take precedence 
> over the addition of titles to break a conflict.  "Jr." is only added if 
> neither date nor fuller form of name is available.

  The author was also established as "Jr." (to break a conflict), 
apparently because LC did not know about the relationship of the date to 
the person.

>  (Note also that the LC cataloger neglected to include the period at the 
> end of Jr., which should have been in the heading to begin with).

  Got it, I'll fix it.  Wondered if someone would notice it.  I notice that 
it took 1.5 years to catch it, so I do not feel too bad.  I'd prefer to 
make this another example of the value of the flexibility of the online 
file, which can be tweaked at any time by anyone (well, almost).

> Since the author was already established in a valid AACR2 form with a date, 
> that heading should have been left alone

  The facts that the later name seems to represent a conscious preference 
by the author allows its acceptance in lieu of the name used by the 
publisher of the undergraduate student's work.  Routinely, earlier records 
are preferably retained, but the system would not allow the heading on the 
earlier record to be changed as long as another record with the 
author-preferred heading existed at the same time.

> I suppose the form with the Jr. could have also been given as a 4XX, but 
> I doubt that most of us would do that.

  There seems to be a ground-swell of support for doing it, when useful, 
and "cataloger's prerogative" and Mike Tribby's quote of policy would seem 
to allows it.  Otherwise, it's a "trick", but the 4XX $w nne structure 
allows it to happen as well.

> Based on predominance of a later form, it would have been acceptable to 
> change the authorized heading to Benjamin, James J., $d 1965-

  Predominance of the later form did result in selection of it as the most 
appropriate heading.  I believe the rules do allow [!] such headings to be 
changed (here, "Jr." to "1965- "), since other things were changing as 
well.  The change was considered, but the established form was retained, 
partly because it represents the exact form by which the person wishes to 
be known and is known in all publications and references sources since he 
became a lawyer. If deemed necessary, one could write the person to ask 
for his preference (and place bets on the outcome?).

Thanks again!

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