Dear Collective Wisdom,

One of our NACO team is having a great deal of difficulty identifying a rule
or an RI that precludes the addition of the following see reference:

110 2  $aNanyang Technological University. $b School of Physical and
Mathematical Sciences
410 2  $aSPMS

Within the university, we are aware and can confirm that this school is
known by the acronym, SPMS, but when we received training in preparing NARs
for corporate bodies, we were informed that since, in this case 'SPMS' did
not refer to the entire name in 110, that it was not an appropriate
reference.  Specifically, in this case SPMS is part of NTU but the NTU is
not seen in publications as part of this acronym/name.

Understandably, the cataloguers at NTU would like this acronym and we are
most pleased to satisfy their wishes in this regard but not at the expense
of creating an incorrect reference.


Radha Asundi
Authority/NACO Coordinator
SILAS (Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services)