Gary Strawn wrote:

> Remember always that we are required to create references that differ
> through the first element to the right of the comma, but this does
> not mean that we are forbidden from making references that differ in
> elements further to the right.  The whole business about not wanting
> to create references that "file next to each other" is card-centric;
> a pearson is looking for James J. Benjamin should be able to find
> stuff if stuff is in fact present.

I guess I'm wondering why it isn't just standard practice to make a
reference from ANY significant variation of the name found in "published"
sources (i.e., something being cataloged).  To me, "Benjamin, James" and
"Benjamin, James J." are significantly different, and a reference from the
latter should be expected if that form appeared as an attribution on any

As Gary notes, some of our practices are card-centric.  I wouldn't even go
by rules of thumb based on screen real estate (as in George's suggestion),
since that's based on many variables, such as system being used (including
preferences therein) and display size/settings.

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