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> 		Same-sex parents
> 			The heading Gay parents already exists in LCSH, so
> proposed UF Gay parents is in direct conflict with that heading.  The
> decided to change the existing heading Gay parents to Same-sex parents.
> proposal was not approved.

It seems that there are actually two different topics that the phrases
"Same-sex parents" and "Gay parents" would be dealing with.  And there is
not necessarily a one-to-one correspondence between those topics and the

First would be same-sex couples as parents.  "Same-sex parents" would apply
specifically to this topic.  "Gay parents" might also seem to apply.

Then there would be single lesbians or gay men as parents, or lesbians and
gay men as parents who are married to persons of the opposite sex.
"Same-sex" parents would not apply at all to this topic.  "Lesbian mothers"
and "Gay fathers" would apply, and "Gay parents" might also apply to refer
to the lesbians and gay men collectively.

"Gay parents" can be ambiguous, because it might refer to either or both of
the two topics.  "Same-sex parents" makes sense only in the first topic;
it's totally nonsensical in the second topic.  ("Same sex" as what?)

Will there be scope notes to clarify use of "Same-sex parents", and perhaps
to use only the separate headings "Lesbian mothers" and "Gay fathers" when
the work deals with gay parents who are not part of a same-sex couple?

Thinking more about it, "Same-sex parents" could also be taken to mean
"Parents of the same sex as the child".  Would "Gay couples as parents"
perhaps be more accurate and clear?  (That's what the work cited in the
proposed authority record is about, being titled "Phenomenological study of
same-sex parented families".)

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