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This message includes links for seven draft BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) formats.  If your institution works in any of these formats, you are invited to comment as instructed below.  The deadline for comments is Saturday, May 8, 2010.

I.  Seven draft BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) formats

Following the approval of the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) for Printed Books, the PCC Policy Committee charged the Standing Committee on Standards (SCS) to lead the development of BSR models for additional formats.  Four task groups covering Music, Rare Books, Cartographic Resources, and Audio Visual Formats including Electronic Books were charged to:

A. Develop a single encoding level record to replace the previous Full and Core standards
B. Use the use the January 2010 BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) and the previous core standards as starting points 
C. Create a metadata application profile (MAP) for each format
D. Present each BSR model as a "floor" record to which other fields could be added
E. Provide usage instructions in the MAP only for fields that are either mandatory (M) or mandatory if applicable (A), omitting fields and subfields that are considered to be optional

The PCC Standing Committee on Standards (SCS) is releasing a total of seven draft BIBCO Standard Record metadata application profiles (MAPs) for review and comment.  

1)  The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Notated Music (BSR/SCO) is available from: 

2)  The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Sound Recordings (BSR/SR) is also available from: 

3) The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Rare Books (BSR/RB) is available from: 

4) The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Cartographic Materials (BSR/CART is available from: 

5) The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Graphic Materials (BSR/Graphic) is available from: 

6) The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Visual Materials (BSR/Visual) is available from: 

7) The draft BIBCO Standard Record for Electronic Resources (BSR/E-Resources) is available from: 

Note: Questions may arise as to why some obvious fields are not listed in the draft BSR MAPs.  As an  example, the 050 field, mandatory in the BSR for Printed Books, is not listed for the BSR for Rare books.  The Task Group realized that institutional practices for rare books often involve locally formulated call numbers. A requirement for a national standard classification could cause additional or undue effort for creators of BIBCO records for Rare Books in some institutions.  Because there was no plan to define some fields as "encouraged, but not mandatory," the 050 call number field was not included in the Rare Book MAP. 

Once the BSRs have been adopted, all PCC institutions will be urged to look at the approved BSRs to set up guidelines  for their own libraries as to which extra fields they will both include in their own cataloging and add to existing records that have been cataloged at the "floor" level.

II. Guidelines for comments:

1. Please send comments to the listservs if you wish to discuss them.

2. Please send other comments and questions to: [log in to unmask]  

3. Please use the subject lines that fit your concerns. Suggestions:
BSR General Comments
BSR/Notated Music
BSR/Sound Recordings
BSR/Rare Books
BSR/Graphic Materials
BSR/Visual Materials

4. Please send all comments by Saturday, May 8, 2010.

The BIBCO Coordinator and the Standing Committee on Standards Chair will forward compiled comments to the Task Groups so that they may prepare final drafts for the consideration by the PCC Policy Committee.   PCC Steering Committee decisions are expected at ALA Annual on June 24, 2010.

Thank you for participating in this important stage of the BSR development.

Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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