> I can't see anything that would preclude it, either.

Nor can I.

True, AACR2 26.1F1 says: "In making a reference, give the name of a person, place, or corporate body from which reference is made in the same structure as it would have as a heading."

However, I don't think "structure" here means "exact same formulation as if it were a heading."  If that's what it meant, some references would be impossible to make, because the rules become circular.  For instance, for the example "National Portrait Gallery (U.K.)" in AACR2, we would not be able to have a reference from "United Kingdom. National Portrait Gallery" because if it the reference were formulated "as a heading" it would be what we already have as the heading:  "National Portrait Gallery (U.K.)".

I think some important principles to keep in mind when making references are:

	"In case of doubt as to whether to make a reference, make it." -- AACR2 26.1A

	"Make a see reference from a form of the name of a person or a corporate body or title of a work that might reasonably be sought to the form that has been chosen as a name or uniform title heading, or as a title entry." -- AACR2 26.1B1

Above all else, make sure that the reference does not match, or normalize to, an established heading.

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