Dear SACO colleagues,

At Indiana U. Library we need a subject heading for a book about Canadians of Middle Eastern ancestry, something like "Middle Eastern Canadians".  There is an authorized heading for "Middle Eastern Americans".  Among Canadians, however, the only subject headings I find are "French Canadians" and "Canadians, English-speaking".  I would have thought that long, long since there would be a heading for "Ukrainian Canadians", to take one example.

In deference to Libraries & Archives Canada (and to Canadian multiculturalism, perhaps), are such headings simply not made?  If not, how can a cataloger express the concept?  Are such headings made only for ethnic groups in the U.S. -- I also find no analogous headings for ethnic groups among Australians.  In looking through the Subject Cataloging Manual I don't find anything that specifically prevents such headings.

Thanks in advance for any shed-able light.

Carl Horne
Slavic and Central Eurasian Cataloger
  & NACO/SACO Liaison
Indiana University Library
Bloomington, IN  47408