On Thu, 15 Apr 2010 01:27:33 +0000, Peter Noerr wrote

> My concern is not the existence of a Zeerex server to supply this 
> service (which would be a great idea), but the management and 
> maintenance of the service itself, so that it does not slip into the 

Less a directory of servers (to use old school language) is the problem but
working to develop a cooperative service--- unless the maintainer of the
server too will be responsible for the global monitoring service.

I think we can design things as a nice failsafe distributed service-- hey
that's what we're all about here is it not..?

If we design things "correctly" it does not matter.

A reference piece of code could be provided--- we can discuss things here what
the code would do (as a minimum its a service level ping server). People
willing to run the service would then register--- the code itself should
probably allow during installation the default to self-register and itself
ping a set of "monitoring servers" at some min. interval to announce its
continued availability-- themselves as a voluntary monitoring node. The
"monitoring servers" would sync with each other their known and registered
nodes. Other "monitoring servers" could be added as a mesh. Code for such a
server too could start off relatively simple.

> My thought about the "mirror" capability was so that all SRU/Z39.50 
> servers could run this and allow others to gather their own 

With the above model they could as well.. to allow people to apply their own
quality metrics.

> statistics if they wanted to, bouncing the traffic off friendly 
> servers (multiple to cover for downtime). That way there is no 
> central site, no management, no single point of failure, no 
> registering, no bureaucracy. All round simpler to maintain.

In the above model there is no real central site but a mesh of friendly
servers running a common set of code and with a common agreement, checking
services at agreed upon intervals and within agreed volume levels through a
number of friendly ....


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