Hi all

These contextSet sites haven't been lost - there was a power cut over
the weekend affecting all servers. Some came back on with
the power and some didn't. I've been in the US, but will get round to
fixing them tomorrow.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Personally, I think the reliability index sounds like it could be useful
so I'll monitor this mailing list for a couple of days to see if there
are any other comments, then add it to the ZeeRex context set.

All the best,


On Mon, 2010-04-12 at 17:22 +0100, Mike Taylor wrote:
> We have found it useful, in our IRSpy register of Z39.50 and SRU
> targets, to add a measure of "reliability" for each server, expressed
> as a percentage and measuring what proportion of all the connections
> we've tried to make have been successful.  Using this, we can search
> for only those targets that are up, say, 90% of the time.  (This
> searching facility is not yet wired out to the public Web UI at
> but it will be.)
> In order to enable searching in this way via SRU, we need to add a
> "reliability" index -- so far as we can determine, there is no such
> index in any of the existing context sets.  This seems like a good
> match for ZeeRex, which is all about describing databases and the
> services that provide them, so we propose that the new index be added
> to the ZeeRex context set.  We propose a brief, non-prescriptive
> semantics statement like "an integer in the range 0-100 indicating how
> reliable the server had been found to be".
> --
> As an aside, the LC page about context sets,
> links the ZeeRex set to the location:
> but this URL has gone away since Rob Sanderson left the Cheshire
> project.  So have the Record Metadata set ("rec"), the Network
> Resource Information set ("net"), the Collectable Card Games set
> ("ccg") though that one will probably not cause so many problems, and
> the Relevance Ranking set ("rel").  This is very bad.
> Some, but not all, of those sets are available as old versions on the
> WayBack Machine: for example, there is an old "rec" set at
> but I have not been able to get it to give me an old "zeerex" set.
> For that reason, I have resurrected an old copy of the ZeeRex site as
> it was before I foolishly handed it over to Rob, and it is now
> available on
> In particular, the ZeeRex context set for CQL is at:
> I hope this is useful to more than just me.