CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS

The Grove Dictionary of American Music, second edition (Oxford University 

This updated and expanded dictionary (originally published in 1986 as _The New 
Grove Dictionary of American Music_, eds. H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie) 
will contain 9,000 articles that address the musical life and cultures, past 
and present, within the regions now constituting the fifty states, the District 
of Columbia, and U.S. territories. The revised dictionary will be published 
electronically ( and in an eight-volume hardbound 

We seek specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to write articles on 
topics across the musical spectrum. If you are interested in contributing, 
please send a brief C.V. and a list of research interests (drawn from the list 
below) to the editor-in-chief (Dr. Charles Hiroshi Garrett) at 
[log in to unmask] We hope to hear from professors, independent scholars, 
critics, and advanced graduate students. Contributors will be contacted 
regarding their choice of topic(s) with information about available articles, 
length, scope, and honorarium. Because this is a time-sensitive project, our 
typical commissions are contracted with a 3-month deadline. Articles will be 
signed by the author, and most will include a selective bibliography, works 
list, or discography, as appropriate. Dictionary subject areas with available 
articles include:

   African-American music
   Asian-American music
   Choral music
   Cities / regions
   Concert music (20th century, including composers, conductors, and performers)
   Country and Folk
   Euro-American music (including the music of individual ethnic communities)
   Hawaiian music
   Latino music
   Musical theater and opera
   Popular music (18th century to the present, across all subgenres)
   Publishers and record labels
   Sacred music
   Writers and critics

We sincerely hope that you will contribute to this important project.

Dr. Charles Hiroshi Garrett
Associate Professor, Musicology
University of Michigan
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