At 09:51 AM 2010-05-13, Karl Fitzke wrote some really neat and useful 
stuff that I won't repeat:

Hi, Karl.

That was wonderful. Thanks!

I learned to do manual DAT-head cleaning about ten years ago. I had 
put a machine on the shelf and bought another when I thought the 
first machine was dead, but it turned out that I had a bad batch of 
DAT tapes that shed like crazy--perhaps even sticky-shed. They were 
TDK. At the time, it was apparently known.

I switched to first KAO and then Maxell DDS tapes (rather than audio 
DATs) for my own recording and never had a problem.

While some say that DAT works well and is robust, I still think we 
should transfer our DATs before our open reels, everything else being 
equal. I'd much rather fix an open reel machine than a DAT.



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