E2 bus to the city center (E2 departs from median outside Delta-small
sign, big bus)

E2 ends at Tulane and Loyola(right), Elk(left)

Walk left on Elk two blocks to Canal or take bus from Loyola and
Tulane(on right across Loyola/Tulane) to Canal

I'm not sure if you can get a transfer from the E2 to the city
bus/streetcar, but you CAN get one on the bus at Loyola/Tulane for the
 Canal streetcar

Canal streetcar(running right from Elk) to Dauphine

Walk one block left on Dauphin to Iberville... Hotel on right

Directions are left/right from direction of travel of transport you are leaving

Fares are $2.00 on E2 to city, $1.25 plus $.25 transfer Tulane/Loyola
City system Senior Fares(I think) are $.40, free transfer, I don't
know about the E2, have lots of dimes, nickels, quarters
Show 65/plus ID for discount