Hi, Lou,

Thanks so much for the kind words, but I wouldn't want anyone to 
think that I actually DO grooved media. I focus on tape and tape 
only. (I do LPs and 45s from my own collection for iPodding for my 
family and me, but that's it).

There are many people on this list who are experts on grooved media. 
I'm afraid to name any in that I'd omit someone, but the people that 
come to mind who are professionally restoring grooved media and who 
replied to this question are, in alphabetical order:
   George Brock-Nannestad
   Parker Dinkens
   Tom Fine
   Eric Jacobs
   David Lennick
   Graham Newton
   Doug Pomeroy
   Will Prentice
   Joe Salerno
   Art Shifrin
   Paul Turney

I guess you can say, I'm not groovy. Oh well.

Thanks again for the kind words.



At 11:05 PM 2010-05-18, Lou Judson wrote:
>Lisa, I'm a minor player in this game, but happy to share whatever I
>can. I always defer to Richard Hess and his caliber of professionals
>- I do a lot of things in audio and sound, with tape restoration a
>small part of it, but one doesn't have to be a big player to do
>quality work. Most of my clients are local musicians and people with
>family tapes, and I have learned a lot from this list... as you will
>Best luck with the project,

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