From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


Ishumael Zinyengere said:

> I recommend you join the International Association of Sound and Audio-visual
> Archivists (IASA) and Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA)
> listervrs for more information on standard and non standard film gauges.

----- Pete,  just so you do not get a disappointment, I would not recommend 
IASA for this; no experience whatsoever in the field of moving images has 
ever been developed in this organisation. Audio, yes, video, forthcoming, but 
film-based moving images, no. "Audio-visual" was only introduced for 
political reasons in 1992, but it took to about 2005 for any of that to enter 
into the technical work of the association. 

One reason for introducing it was that there was no NGO that catered for 
small audio-visual collections. The large film archiving NGO FIAF only 
catered for national collections, and FIAT basically only for broadcast 
television (although some of the TV archives did have film footage). But AMIA 
encompasses large and small collections.

Kind regards,

(for 25 years member of the Technial Committee of IASA; now retired)