So, to close up my original querie, here are the albums I still don't have sequence-orders for. Is 
anyone on-list from the Rutgers jazz archive nowadays? How about the LOC's LP archives? Do you have 
any of these records in your collections? Would you mind pulling the LP and checking the labels for 
the running order? Any/all help MUCH APPRECIATED.

Albums where running order is needed (just two of them):

Roost RLP-415 - Arrangements by Richards (10" LP - 1952)
(session order)
Sancho Panza
Sweet and Lovely
If I Could Be With You
Hooke's Tours
Loose Walk
Pink Satin
Shine On Harvest Moon
Opus 202


Sax Expressions - Sonny Stitt [1965]

Roost SLP 2262
(session order)
How Do You Do
Don't Worry
Mother Tucker
Cut It Off
For All We Know
I know That You Know
Round Robin


-- Tom Fine