Who owns the rights to those masters now? I always wondered how Classic Records came about being 
able to release that record. The sound is so similar to the original that I'd be very surprised if 
they were working off a safety tape or some other copy.

What about the Audio Fidelity sound effects and "stereo spectacular" stuff? That would be a great 
artifact reissue, along with a booklet describing Frey's adventures beating everyone else to market 
with a stereo LP and his other various endeavors. I always heard stories that the sound effects and 
bawdy music-humor records were what sold best for that company but the Dukes and Satchmo records 
also were profitable.

For military historians, some of the Audio Fidelity records of contemporary early 1960's Navy and 
Army weaponry and ambient-lifestyle sounds might be an interesting listening experience.

-- Tom Fine

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> There are a mess of alternates from the Louis/Dukes dates, all now on a 3-CD
> set.
> Dave Weiner
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> This is very interesting, Hans! Thanks.
> Does Lord say if both takes were officially released? That version in the
> YouTube video is not the
> take used on the LP. Was it perhaps issued on a single or on a compilation
> of some sort? Or is it
> out there in bootleg-land?
> -- Tom Fine