Well, I don't know if a local municipal bus who's "stops are located  
approximately every two blocks" and will then require a several block  
walk through a neighborhood one doesn't know to reach the hotel would  
be my idea of a restful and relaxing introduction to the city and the  
conference after a long tiring plane flight, but to each their own.

However, I *would* recommend a wonderful transit trip in New Orleans:  
the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar which uses 1920s era unairconditioned  
wooden streetcars (on a line that dates to 1835) to take a slow,  
leisurely, rumbly trip up St. Charles Avenue through the Central  
Business District, the Garden District, and Uptown, all of which are  
*very* different than the French Quarter, the latter two areas  
especially pretty and architecturally enjoyable.

All of $1.25 in each direction and really pleasant.  I'd hop off at  
Riverbend where the streetcar makes a big turn onto Carrollton (it's  
pretty obvious but one can always ask the driver, about a half hour  
ride) and get bite to eat at The Camellia Grill (definitely  
recommended) or one of the other restaurants in those couple blocks,  
then hop back on the car, sit on the opposite side, and enjoy the  
antebellum mansions, etc. on the other side of the street on the way  

The other two streetcar lines in NOLA are, in my opinion, not so  
interesting, but St. Charles Avenue is quite worth the ride.

Arthur Gaer
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On May 10, 2010, at 10:14 AM, Steve Ramm wrote:

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> Unless you're familiar with New Orleans and the transit system I  
> wouldn't
> really recommend taking this local bus for what is not really a  
> short  trip.
> The bus actually looks like a fun trip in. NOt sure I'll use it  
> going back.
> Also, note to those looking at the bus. The Airport line Does NOT  
> run as
> often  on weekends per their website. Here is info from a JazzFest  
> string on
> transport.
> On weekdays, the _E2-Airport_
> (    
> route runs along Airline Dr. and goes to Tulane and
> Loyola where it  connects with RTA routes entering the CBD including  
> the 94-Broad
> and
> 84-Galvez. Visit the _RTA  website_ (   
> to check
> their current schedules. It also connects with  Westbank Jefferson  
> Transit
> routes that enter the CBD - Lapalco, Terrytown  and Westbank  
> Expressway.
> On weekends, the _E2-Airport_
> (    
> route runs along Airline Dr. and goes to Carrollton at
> Tulane connecting  there with RTA's 27-Louisiana, 39-Tulane  and 32- 
> Leonidas
> buses. Visit the _RTA website_ (  to  
> check their
> current  schedules.
> Steve