It can get pretty complicated if they are glass rather than shellac.

What do a few of the labels say?

Where are they located?

Many of us are off to New Orleans this week for the ARSC Conference.  Any 
chance you'll be there?  Maybe with pictures of the records?

Steve Smolian

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> Hi, I'm brand new to this list and was completely ignorant of the 
> existence of glass albums until last week when I accepted an internship to 
> inventory the collection of a small foundation.  Along with the written 
> documents and LP's in this collection are approximately 6cft of glass 
> albums.  I have no idea yet what the quality of these albums is, but I 
> would appreciate it if someone could give me a quick rundown of what 
> defects to look for and how to preserve them.  I've read some of the 
> threads, but I'm brand new to archiving audio materials so I'm a bit 
> confused.
> Thanks,
> Lisa Lobdell