Lisa, I'm a minor player in this game, but happy to share whatever I  
can. I always defer to Richard Hess and his caliber of professionals  
- I do a lot of things in audio and sound, with tape restoration a  
small part of it, but one doesn't have to be a big player to do  
quality work. Most of my clients are local musicians and people with  
family tapes, and I have learned a lot from this list... as you will  

Best luck with the project,


Lou Judson - Intuitive Audio


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  -- Aldous Huxley: Island (1962)

On May 18, 2010, at 7:33 PM, Lisa Lobdell wrote:

> It has been educational.  Two archivists from IU-Bloomington  
> contacted me and I'm heading down there in a couple of weeks for a  
> tour and some info.  My main concern is how to store them once I  
> inventory them and make sure they are secure until they move into  
> their new home next year. Someday, when I have a better idea of  
> what you're talking about, you'll have to tell me about audio  
> engineering.
> Lisa
> Lou Judson wrote:
>> I see! Thanks. I'm not confused, but as you can see from the kinds  
>> of answers you have gotten, how they are packed can make a huge  
>> difference in how to handle them! One wrong move and they could  
>> all be shattered, say if they were stacked a foot deep and  
>> somebody slipped or set them down too hard... so I wasn't taking  
>> you to task, just curious how they are and that they are  
>> preserved. Sorry to belabor it, and hope it is all educational for  
>> you! Sounds as though the packing was good.
>> Partly, I work only with tape, not discs, so I really was curious.  
>> When I was 15, I got to explore an entire large basement full of  
>> old records of a family friend, and when I found out later he had  
>> died and nobody knew what happened to the collection, I was sad,  
>> and still care about records and their preservation. I'm just an  
>> audio engineer, not a collector...
>> Lou
>> On May 18, 2010, at 3:07 PM, Lisa Lobdell wrote:
>>> Lou, sorry to have confused you.  It would make more sense if you  
>>> saw the boxes which are approx.12 inches wide and 24 inches  
>>> long.  When I first saw the boxes, I thought they were packed  
>>> front to back - one row deep, a 2 foot long single vertical row  
>>> of records.  On opening them, I found they were packed "sideways"  
>>> a 12 inch row of records with the remaining 12 inches of space  
>>> around them used for packing material.  Not a technical term, but  
>>> I joined this listserv to get some simple answers about glass  
>>> records, not to describe the contents of a box.
>>> Does that help?