Thanks for forwarding this to the list. The Annual Grammy Block Party (5/11) has now been converted to a fund-raiser, and Vince Gill and his wife Amy Grant did a small telethon last night and raised $1.7 million (it was kind of Taylor Swift to cut a check for $500,000!). There are also a number of smaller events being planned all over the city.

We are still continuing with our 13th annual AES Engineer's Relief Fund Golf Tournament on 5/27 and 5/28, which has raised close to $1million over the years and is a direct source of funds for engineers, musician, techs, etc. who in most cases have no insurance.

If you do some quick Googling, you can find out about the CMHOF (flooded basement but otherwise OK - got an email from Alan Stoker today), our symphony hall (2 Steinways and a multi-million dollar pipe organ wasted), The Grand Ole Opry, and the Opryland hotel, but there are a number of other places that got slammed as well (Gibson, SoundCheck, Creation Audio Labs.......)

It kind of seems like there has not been much coverage about it, what with the NYC bombing attempt, oil rigs leaking, and the stock market going like a roller coaster, but I personally think it is a testimony to this town and our citizens, and I'm proud of how the community has pulled together.

I can assure you any money you give to the MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief will IMMEDIATELY go to help out our musical brothers and sisters.

If anyone would like more details or would like to be pointed to other charity links, please feel free to call me or reach me at the email listed below.

Here's some pretty good summary links:

and if nothing else just catch this video clip, it's a bit tough for me personally to watch but it is reality (when you see the stage door at the Opry you'll know what I mean):

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and support.


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On May 7, 2010, at 4:55 PM, ADRIAN COSENTINI wrote:

> I got this from NARAS (The Grammy's). As music lovers here is a great way to help "Music City".
> Dear Friends,
> By now we have all seen the devastating and profoundly life-altering effects of the recent and unexpected floods that hit Nashville and its surrounding areas. Many in this music community have experienced significant losses, and many of the city's iconic music landmarks have suffered irreparable damage. It's times like these when we must come together and help those who need it most. In light of these circumstances, The Recording Academy® and its MusiCares® Foundation which provides a safety net of critical services for music people in crisis have established the MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief Fund
> Emergency assistance already has begun, and 100 percent of every dollar raised will be immediately distributed to help those in the Nashville music community that are victims of the floods. Donations to MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief may be made at MusiCares' initial assistance will provide funds for food and clothing, gasoline and transportation, clean-up efforts, relocation costs, medicine, and other critical supplies. To apply for assistance, please contact the South Regional office at 615.327.0050 or toll free at 877.626.2748. A list of resources for flood victims is also available at the above link.
> I encourage you to help in any way you can, and let's all keep our friends who have been affected by this tragic event in our thoughts.
> Warm regards,
> Neil Portnow President/CEO The Recording Academy and MusiCares