Hi Shai

Unfortunately, you cannot simply swap the capstan shaft to change the speed pair.  The capstan motor housing is drilled differently for each speed pair to achieve the correct position for the capstan centre, pinch-roller pressure, correct tape-wrap, etc.

A few electronic components also need changing but that's minor compared with "moving the holes" in the capstan motor housing.

All the Best
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Don't know if this is helpful but I have a box full of capstan shafts
for Studer revox. I'm sure one of them at least is the right speed or 1
7/8 -3 3/4. Let me know

On 5/8/2010 3:29 AM, Mark Campbell wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> What are the chances of getting one of those ex-Mounty B77 logging machines to Oz?
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