Agreed, Peter!  WFMU is a national treasure.  I also have high hopes for the Goldmine record collection video series; the WFMU video is the first installment.  


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As a fan of the station I found it a pretty interesting look behind the
scenes of the station. I always wondered what that record library would look
like. Its pretty huge, though it is likely many people on this list have one
equally commanding! Probably more so, since they don't have much in the way
of 78's. and beyond. No glass records which has been all the talk lately ;)

  In my book they certainly earn their keep with rarities and one offs. I
know most of the DJ's are perpetually crate and basement digging. where ever
they can get their paws into. Antique Phonograph Hour seems like it'd be
much appreciated by this board. Where they play cylinders live on air. Its
all in all an interesting collection of characters and music. Be sure the
check out their music archives too. Its really impressive.