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>> So how does one get the link supplied to not show the pics
>> jittering in a way I have never seen and can't enjoy?

That's not the pictures jittering -- it's STEVE jittering!!!!!

And I guess this explains if work didn't get done at the Exec Board

Seriously, as the defacto ARSC videographer, my hat is off to you,
Steve.  Great show.  However I did miss the GGW shots.  Are they in a
"private" show??

Mike (don't forget to bring a supply of beads) Biel [log in to unmask]  

From: Steve Ramm <[log in to unmask]>
> sorry it didn't work for you jim. worked for everyone else.
> and thanks for the compliments. i hope to see many of you
> in two weeks from today.   steve