Please excuse the cross-postings (and please send this along to those
you think will be interested):.  Thank you - Barbara Tillett, Chief,
Policy & Standards Division, Library of Congress

The Policy and Standards Division has taken another look at the revised
Greek Romanization tables in conjunction with comments from the library
community and its own staff with knowledge of Greek.  The attached
alternative proposal reflects the considerations presented to return to
the original Romanization table with a few minor changes and additions.

This ALA-LC Romanization table for Greek (draft May 2010) differs from
the one adopted in 1972 in the following respects:

●	Coptic is no longer covered.  A separate table will be proposed
●	In modern Greek, initial rho is romanized as Rh/rh only if the
rough breathing appears in the Greek text.  Otherwise, the practice of
supplying the "h" as appropriate remains unchanged.
●	Separate entries for consonant combinations with gamma.
●	Variant forms of sigma.
●	A list of vowel combinations with upsilon that constitute
●	The archaic letters digamma and qoppa.
●	Variant forms of the numerals 6 and 90.
●	Examples.

Comments on this draft should be submitted to [log in to unmask] by June
30, 2010.

The draft May 2010 is available on the Division’s Web site at