Hi Michele, 
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Or is the third party harvesting the metadata for the link from the EAD, but then linking to the HTML version?  ArchiveGrid does this (harvests from EAD but links to HTML); in that case, we provided them with our root URL and their automated process generates the link by concatenating the root URL with the file name.  Is this a possibility with your third party?

Yes, of course, that is exactly the point. The third party can create this URL (in many different ways because it differs from different institutions obviously), it will be automatic, but the question is where do we put this URL at generation time (once more, it 'needs' to be in the EAD file)?
The institutions themselves do not have to have those links, we would create them, but in both cases (they have it or we create them) we need to know in which element/tag we can insert it.
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More information on how the third party intends to harvest this link might be helpful.  If they’re any kind of web savvy they should not expect hard-coded full URLs in your data.

Actually, we are this third party, as stated above we do not need those hard coded URLs in the original metadata, but we need (want?) to insert them in the metadata at modification time (yes, it can happen that we modify some of the data) to use them for us and possibly link back to the original institution (at the correct level of the correct finding aid).

Actually how would ArchiveGrid do it? Where would they store the URLs linking to your website?

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Hi Yoann,

Are all the components in your metadata from the same institution?  As one who has spent most of my career doing digital curation, putting hard coded URLs into your guide, to me, is a red flag.


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Thanks for both for the answers.
But maybe I should clarify a bit more my question.
I need to have in the metadata, the link of the view of this "level". For example, providing my metadata to a third party, they would need to have within my metadata the link of the original institution website (pointing to this correct level).
So that this third party can easily have a link on their website pointing to my website (but at the correct level and not at the top of the finding aid or homepage).