Michele -
We use both NoteTab and oXygen and I would recommend oXygen for training 
purposes.  For us NoteTab is great for someone already familiar with the 
contents of the EAD which needs some fine-tuning while oXygen is helpful 
for those working on fresh document; especially with all of the context 
help that it does.


Michele R Combs wrote:
> I'm going to be teaching a one-day workshop on EAD encoding this summer and am debating with myself whether it's better to use a full-featured XML editor like oXygen, or go with something like NoteTab Pro or Notepad++ that just provides some general (mostly visual) XML assistance.  I've used Notepad++ in the past with students in our LIS classes with pretty good success.  I can think of fairly obvious pros and cons for both approaches.  I'd appreciate your thoughts, particularly from anyone who has taught similar workshops.
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