So you use the ref elements but without a target attribute?  For some reason that never occurred to me; I guess I had it in my head that since ref is a linking attribute it had to have a target, so I didn't consider it.  Interesting possibility, thanks.


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We have several such indexes at Emory relating to our literary collections.  The indexes are simply part of the encoded finding aid and are located at the end of the <c> components.  Here's some sample coding:

                <head>Index of Selected Correspondents</head>
                  <p>This index, which relates to the correspondence in Series 1, covers
                         letters from 1973-1999.</p>
                  <persname>Batten, Guinn</persname>
                         <ref>1995 July 29, ALS, 1p.</ref>
                         <ref>undated APCS [August 7]</ref>
                         <ref>1996 September 23, TLS, 1p.</ref>
                         <ref>1999 May 22, TLS, 2pp.</ref>
                         <ref>CC to GB: 1999 June 1, TLS, pp. 2</ref>
                         <ref>1999 August 4, TLS, 3pp.</ref>

You can look at the finding aid at:


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Some of our older collections have their correspondence arranged chronologically; the finding aid then includes, at the end, an index to correspondence, in this form:

Acevedo, Cristobal de
        1962 Feb 5
        1962 Mar 16
        1962 Sep 10
American Oxonian
        1947 Mar 13 (Denham Sutcliffe)
Amis, Kingsley, 1922-
        1957 Nov 9
        1958 Jan 6
        1958 Jan 21
        1958 Aug 22

We want this included in our finding aid, and we want "Index to correspondence" to appear in the auto-generated table of contents.  Unfortunately, the <index> construction in EAD requires the <ref target=""> element, more suitable for traditional indexes with page numbers; it doesn't really work for something like this.

So I'm wondering if, and if so how, others have chosen to encode such indexes to correspondence.  As a simple nested list?  In a separate file as a related finding aid?  Other options?

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