Dear Nathan,
We have implemented Google Analytics on our finding aids. The code 
itself is easy enough to add to a page.  We added it to our Footer 
include file, so it shows up on every finding aid and auxiliary page 
within the site.

I check it periodically, however, have not had the time to really 
analyze the findings.  All I do is occasionally look and see what people 
are searching on and what our most popular finding aids are in terms of 
number of hits.  I have three years worth of data, but so far, have done 
nothing with it. I initially set it up because I saw a great 
presentation about it by Chris Prom at SAA a few years ago.  I was all 
fired up and ready to start working on it, but by the time I had 
collected enough data, I lost the fire...

I would be curious to hear if people use specific aspects of Google 
Analytics, and what they think the information really tells us. I also 
have not set up any "Goals" because I never had time to sit down and 
figure out exactly how they all work (I sort of feel like I need to take 
a statistics class before embarking).

I keep trying to find a graduate student who would be willing to take my 
data and make some sense out of it!

p.s. A quick look tells me that in the last month, 58% of visitors to 
our finding aids website came via Google... but what does it MEAN?

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Nathan Tallman wrote, On 6/22/2010 2:01 PM:
> Happy Tuesday Everyone,
> Just wondering if anyone has tried using Google Analytics with their 
> finding aids.  I was thinking it would be easy enough to insert the 
> necessary code in the stylesheet template and then you'd would be able 
> to get some good data on finding aid use, as well as user 
> browser/network/hardware capabilities.  
> When I started my current position, I implemented Analytics on several 
> pages of our website.  Our public finding aids are all HTML at the 
> moment and I didn't want to hand edit each individual document, so chose 
> not to implement Analytics in finding aids for the time being.  We've 
> recently started an EAD project thought and this idea came back to me.
> If you have implemented Google Analytics for your finding aids, I'd love 
> to hear about it!
> Best,
> Nathan