We leave the handling of the institutional logo to our style sheet, however we do embed a specific image from each collection into the EAD that is then positioned via the style sheet.  You can see the ead-xml source code of any of our findings aids using the ‘view source’ function in your browser.


Since the institutional logo is not part of any of our collections, I wouldn’t consider using it in the ead, unless the collection was the institutional records that the logo represented.


Hope that helps.


Russell Franks


Special and Archival Collections

Phillips Memorial Library

Providence College

1 Cunningham Square

Providence, RI 02918-0001


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Subject: Embedding Institutional Logos


Good morning everyone,


I'm currently experimenting with embedding our institutional logo in the finding aid, rather than relying on the stylesheet to insert it.  Has anyone else taken this approach?  If so, I'm curious about where and how you inserted the image.  


So far I've tried using the <extptr> tag within archdesc | did | repository, but am not having much luck; instead of the desired image, I end up with a black outlined box.  Here's the code I'm using: <extptr actuate="onload" href="style/aja1.gif" title="AJA Logo" show="embed" />.



Nathan Tallman