We have the full address with website and email in the <filedesc | publicationstmt | publisher>.  Our <archdesc | did | repository> only contains a basic identifier: “Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va”  (example: http://ead.lib.virginia.edu/vivaead/published/vt/viblbv00522.xml.frame).




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Kira A. Dietz, MA, MLS

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Subject: Publisher and Repository Elements


Good morning all,


I'm just wondering how much information institutions are including in <filedesc | publicationstmt | publisher> and <archdesc | did | repository>.  Assuming that the publisher and repository are the same, do you repeat the same information (name, address, phone/fax numbers, URL, etc. in both elements?  (I know <publisher> will also include date information not found in <repository>.)  I've seen some examples where only the institution name is mentioned in the <publisher> with contact information in <repository> and others where complete contact details are provided in both elements.  Just looking to see how list members are doing it.



Nathan Tallman